Royaltees Launch Pad

The new launch pad from Royal Tees Golf allows the golfer to "tee it up" in all conditions: Hard ground, sandy ground, or uneven turf.

The Launch pad was created for the driving range Astroturf, Field Turf or grass mats. Insuring that the Tee does not fly up and hit the golfer. Replacing the old rubber tees that stick up from underneath the grass mats and that never seem to be the right height or the same feel as a wooden tee or your favorite Tee.

Will accept any Tee, Wood Tee or Specialty Tee.

Especially suitable for use with the RoyalTee, the very popular and most durable High Performance Tee on the market today.

Note: "Purchase $25.00 or more of any combination items and get free shipping anywhere in the continental US"

Royaltees Launch Pad
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